The Move - Message from the Country

On September 5th, 2005 simultaneously with Harvest Showdown  the long awaited re-mastered version of The Move - Message From The Country was released.

There are two versions of this CD. One with a 20 page colour booklet, which can be ordered at Face The Music (England), and one with a 16 page booklet printed in black & white. The latter version can be found in record shops.

Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood und Bev Bevan gave the approval for this release and here are their comments:

"In order to alleviate the extra pressure of forming E.L.O., we decided to take it easy, experiment and just have fun making The Move albums. This for me made the recording of 'Message From The Country' a very enjoyable experience."
ROY WOOD, July 2005

"These were the early days of being set free in a studio, where you can try anything you always wanted to. So there are plenty of mistakes that hopefully you'll enjoy, but mostly it's a wacky collection of stuff, plus loads of other stuff that was never meant to be heard."
JEFF LYNNE, July 2005

"Listening back now to this album, I suppose "eclectic" sums it up best of all. There's certainly a feeling of three friends just having fun and doing pretty much whatever they want. Some of the songs are good and some plain silly!"
BEV BEVAN, July 2005

This is the official track listing of Message From The Country:

Bonus Tracks: Hidden track:

A non-copy protected version of the CD can be ordered alone or together with Harvest Showdown at the Online-Shop of Face The Music (England).

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