E.L.O., The Move, Roy Wood, Wizzard

Harvest Showdown

On September 5th, 2005 simultaneously with the long awaited re-mastered version of The Move's - Message from The Country  the cmpilation CD Harvest Showdown was released.

The CD includes tracks by E.L.O., The Move, Roy Wood and Wizzard. All these artists were signed to the Harvest label from 1970 to 1973.

As well as featuring top 10 hits by Roy Wood and Wizzard, Harvest Showdown features alternate or previously unissued versions of much of the label's greatest works, including a selection of tracks that have never been released on any format before - such as the withdrawn 7" single version of ELO's 'Mr Radio', an early take of the instrumental b-side 'In Old England Town' and from the long out of print 'Wizzard Brew', an edited version of 'Buffalo Station'.

This is the official track listing of Harvest Showdown:

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last modified: 11.09.2005