The Traveling Wilburys Collection

It has taken almost 10 years for the 2 deleted Traveling Wilburys albums to be re-released again. Rhino Records got the job and they produced beautiful box-set. The Box includes both original albums on 2 remastered CDs with bonus tracks, as well as a bonus DVD featuring a 20 minutes documentary and 5 video clips of the Traveling Wilburys.

There are 2 differend issues of the box: There is a "regular edition" with the 2 CDs, the DVD and a small booklet and there is a "deluxe edition" which also includes a 40 pages booklet, postcards and photos. A true fan's dream.

There also is a vinyl edition which comes with a speical treat.

Here comes the official track listing of The Traveling Wilburys Collection:

CD 1: The Traveling Wilburys - Volume 1

CD 1: The Traveling Wilburys - Volume 3

Bonus DVD:

This release is a very pleasant matter. Finally the tracks Maxine und Like a Ship can be heared as finished studio versions in good sound quality. Until now the 2 songs were only available on bootlegs of the Vol. 3 sessions.

Together with the 2 versions of the box-set a download bundle is released on the internet.

The vinyl edition includes both albums, each on one LP. As a special treat there comes a bonus disc with the following tracks:

Side 1:

Side 2:

The only downside of this re-issue is the fact that some things are missing. First of all, there are the extended versions of Handle With Care and End of the Line, which would have nicely fit on the first CD. Unfortunately (or at least) they are only present on the vinyl edition. Missing from Volume 3 is the instrumental version of New Blue Moon and the original version (not remixed) of Runaway.
It's a little sad, that the new version of Not Alone Anymore is only available on vinyl. For this version totally different takes of Roy Orbison's singing were used.

Missing on the DVD is the video clip of Nobody's Child and the original version of Wilbury Twist. Well, maybe there were some legal issues with these. In any case, there would have been plenty of free space left on the DVD to bring some more background details and some more home videos of the Wilburys.

This short criticism should not cloud the fact that this is a real treat. Made with much love for details we get a box that we all have been waiting for for a long time. Great music, great songs and great sound. Let thy Wilbury done.

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