British rock group, formed by Phil Bates in 1976. Recorded an album, "Find The Lady", for United Artists. Trickster signed to Jet Records when Don Arden became their manager. They went on tour as ELO's support act on their legendary "Out Of The Blue" tour in 1978. Recorded a second album, "Back To Zero", with a different line up in 1979. The single "I'm Satisfied" enjoyed some chart success. Their next single "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" got extensive airplay in the USA, but did not do very well in the charts. The group was not satisfied with their record company, but Jet Records wouldn't let them out of their contract. Their European tours with Boston and John Miles and their British tour with Violinski led to interest from other major labels and the band almost signed to RCA before they finally decided to split in 1980.

Information compiled by Dirk M. Hoffmann. (C) 1995 FACE THE MUSIC GERMANY.

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