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Remastered Editions

The wait is over - the new Remasered Editions of the albums On The Third Day, Face The Music and A New World Record hit the record stores in September 2006. In February 2007 Out of the Blue and Balance of Power were re-released, as well. Unter the supervision of Jeff Lynne und with input by Rob Caiger (E.L.O. archivist and leader von Face the Music England) a superb collection of CDs has been produced, a real treat for us fans. Excellent Soundquality - remastered by Jeff Lynne with Jeff Magid - and highly intersting bonus material, as well as newly designed booklets mit sleeve notes from Jeff Lynne and Rob Caiger.

Further information about the Remastered Editions and a special offer for ordering these new CDs can be found at www.ftmusic.com 
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Here come the CDs in detail:

Out Of The Blue

E.L.O. Download Singles Celebrating the 30th anniversary of it's first release we get a great sounding album along with 3 bonus tracks. Among them the new (newly finalized) song Latitude 88 North, which resembels E.L.O.'s second download single. Jeff Lynne got the best sound of the old master tapes that has ever been heard of this master piece album. Unfortunately the original multitrack tapes are long gone, so we will probalby never get to hear a Surround-Sound version. For more information about Latitude 88 North please klick here. 

This is the official tracklist of Out of the Blue - Remastered Edition:

Balance of Power

Even Balance of Power is already 21 years old when the "remastered edition" hit the shops in Februar 2007. On this release we get lots of great bonus material, for example the long awaited alternative version of Heaven Only Knows which has a different melodie and text during the verses. Also In for the Kill is a real treat. This is an alternative version of the song Caught in a Trap, which gives it's debut on CD here for the first time.

The sound on this new release is just brilliant. Comparing it to the old CD form the 80ies we get a very clear winner with this new edition.

This is the official tracklist of Balance of Power - Remastered Edition:

A New World Record

E.L.O. Download Singles Besides the 30 years old hit record in excellent sound quality, Jeff Lynne provides us with a complete new song as one of the bonus tracks. Surrender is the first ever Download-Single by E.L.O. For more information about Surrender please click here 

All other bonus tracks are great as well. Besides 4 intrumental versions there is an alternative recording of Telephone Line with a different vocal track.

This is the official tracklist of A New World Record - Remastered Edition:

Face The Music

As with A New World Record this CD has superb sound quality and contains very special bonus material. For once there is an alternate version of Evil Woman, which comes along as "Stripped Down Version" without the use of an Orchestra, but with an additional verse.

A very special highlight is the instrumental version of Waterfall. Please decide for yourself if it is even better than the original version.

This is the official tracklist of Face The Music - Remastered Edition:

On The Thrid Day

For this new edition (at last) the original cover artwork (from the Warner edition) was used. The cover allone gives the album a different feeling. For comparison here is the cover which was used in all previous CD issues of the album.

Again, the sound quality is just fantastic and the bonus material is also very interesting, althoug most of it has already been released in England by EMI as part of the First Light Series. Still, there is one previously unreleased track of Interludes.

This is the official tracklist of On The Third Day - Remastered Edition:

Secret Messages

A clear opportunity was missed witrh this reissue. All that we fans are (still) waiting for is the release of the original double album verisonm. At least we get 3 good bonus tracks, incl. the previously unreleased Secret Messages version of Endless Lies. Until this release No Way Out could only be found Afterglow box, but with lesser sound quality. After All is also present on the Flashback set


This is the official tracklist of Secret Messages - Remastered Edition:


This is how we all want this album. Great sound quality and all available B-sides as bonus tracks.

This is the official tracklist of Time - Remastered Edition:


Great sound, again. A bit dissappointing is the bonus material. the two deoms are quite nice, but incomplete. Little Town Flirt is one of those hybrid songs, which we also had on Flashback. A Del Shannon cover, which was started during the Discovery sessions and finished in the year 2000. The drums are apparently new and you can hear Rosie Vela on Backing Vocals. It's great, but doesn't really fit the album.

This is the official tracklist of Discovery - Remastered Edition:


Again, superb sound quality. The bonus material is very nice, too. Especially the Eldorado Instrumetal Medley, which should have been even longer. Jeff truly made a Symphony - and it sounds great even without the vocals.

This is the official tracklist of Eldorado - Remastered Edition:

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