Electric Light Orchestra Part Two

Eurostar 39810122
Scotti Bros. Records 72392 75222-2

  1. Hello (Troyer, Bevan, Haycock, Lockwood) 1:17
  2. Honest Men (Troyer, Cummings) 6:13
  3. Every Night (Troyer) 3:15
  4. Once Upon A Time (Bevan, Haycock) 4:18
  5. Heartbreaker (Bevan, Haycock) 4:55
  6. Thousand Eyes (Troyer) 4:49
  7. For The Love Of A Woman (Troyer) 4:01
  8. Kiss Me Red (Steinberg, Kelly) 4:01
  9. Heart Of Hearts (Troyer) 4:18
  10. Easy Street (Bevan, Haycock) 4:56

Album produced by: Jeff Glixman
Executive producer: Don Arden

Strings arranged by: Louis Clark

Electric Light Orchestra Part II:

Album recorded and mixed at:
The Mill Studios, Cookham, England.
Angel Studios, Islington, London, England.
Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham, England.
Fanfare Studios, Golden, Colorado, USA.
Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California, USA.

Released 1991 by Eurostar and by Scotti Bros. Records.

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