Moment Of Truth

Edel 0096102ULT

  1. Moment Of Truth (Overture) (Clark) 4:07
  2. Breakin' Down The Walls (Bates) 4:27
  3. Power Of A Million Lights (Troyer) 4:54
  4. Interlude 3 (Clark) 0:32
  5. One More Tomorrow (Bevan, Kaminski, Bates) 5:00
  6. Don't Wanna (Troyer) 3:41
  7. Voices (Bates, Kaminski) 4:27
  8. Interlude 2 (Clark) 0:20
  9. Vixen 0:04
  10. The Fox (Groucutt) 4:35
  11. Love Or Money (Troyer, Bates) 4:08
  12. Blue Violin (Groucutt, Kaminski) 1:10
  13. Whiskey Girls (Bevan, Bates) 3:37
  14. Interlude 1 (Clark) 0:58
  15. Twist Of The Knife (Groucutt, Bevan, Bates) 4:30
  16. So Glad You Said Goodbye (Bevan, Troyer, Bates) 4:12
  17. Underture (Clark) 2:52
  18. The Leaving 0:25

Electric Light Orchestra Part II:

Additonal Musicians:
Percussion: Hossam Ramzy
Strings: The London Session Orchestra
Leader: Gavyn Wright

Album produced and engineered by Stephan Galfas.

Recorded at:
Carriage House Studios, Stamford, Connecticut.USA
Assistant Engineers: Phil Magnotti, Johnny Montagnese

Great Linford Manor Recording Studios, Milton Keynes, England.
Engineer: Andy Griffin
Assistant Engineer: Simon Procter
Production Assistant: Noni
Technical Support: Geoff Tanner

Mastered by Stephan Galfas and Ian Cooper at: Metropolis, Chiswick, London, England.
Mixed by Stephan Galfas and James Brown at Master Rock Studios.

Released 1994 by the Edel Company.

last modified: 26.02.2000