Tom Petty - Highway Companion

(produced by Jeff Lynne with Tom Petty & Mike Campbell)

(standard edition)

Back in November 2005 we could already read about the third Tom Petty solo-album in Paul Zollo's book Conversations with Tom Petty. Finally in July 2006 the album Highway Companion has been released.

The Album includes the following 12 Songs:

This way Tom Petty at first (unfortunately) has sticked to his own rule of putting a maximal number of (only) 12 Songs an album. Fortunately Tom changed his mind and in June 2007 a special edition of Highway Comanion is released, containing the 2 Songs Home and Around The Roses, which were previously left off.

The special edition (right picture) includes the following bonus tracks:

Whether as standard or as special edition Highway Comanion is a great album. You can hear that Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty & Mike Campbell have put extra efforts into the sound of the production. On first listen it is not the typical Jeff Lynne sound. But after listening to the album for a second, third ... time you can spot all the little details that we love so much about Jeff Lynne's production work.

All in all Highway Comanion is an easy going album. All songs are written by Tom Petty alone, using mostly simple chords and without much squiggle. All instruments are played by Tom Petty, Mike Campbell and Jeff Lynne. There are no guest musicians. Among other instruments Jeff plays bass - as he usually does. Especially on Night Driver we can spot his bass playing when he does a small bass-solo. Tom, for the first time on this album takes the seat behind the drums.

The title of the album really speaks for itself. The best way to listen to the album is: Get into the car, put on the CD and drive...

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