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To celebrate 40 years of E.L.O. the 3 CD-box set Flashback has been re-released by Sony Music. The CDs are the same as in the year 2000 when Flashback was release for the first time. The only difference is in the size of the box (s. left picture). It is very good to have Flashback available in shops again as there are a number of tracks in this box, which are not available anywhere else.

The following text we wrote in 2000: This is a dream come true for us E.L.O.-fans. After a break of 15 years E.L.O. is back again with Jeff Lynne at the helm. After Bev Bevan declared his departure from E.L.O. Part 2, it was time for Jeff Lynne to come back and start E.L.O. again. The first project was the CD-Set Flashback which was released in the end of 2000. There are 57 songs on this 3 CD Collection in superb sound quality.

Among these 57 songs on Flashback there are not only thier biggest hits in 'digital remastered' sound, but also some rarities and previously unreleased tracks. There is a brand new version of the song Xanadu with Jeff Lynne on lead vocals and also 5 new songs: Tears In Your Life, Love Changes All, Helpless, Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor, Who's That. The recordings of these new songs started in the 1980ies, but they were all finished by Jeff Lynne in the year 2000. These songs alone make Flashback worth buying.

But there is more on Flashback. For example alternative versions of Do Ya and Mission (A World Record), the original demo Indian Queen and for the first time After All on CD.

All in all Flashback is a wonderful start into a new aera for E.L.O., as Flashback is only the beginning.


Original artwork from 2001 and new artwork of the reissue from 2013

In June 2001 the long awaited new album from E.L.O. hit the stores. The 13 songs for Zoom were recorded by Jeff Lynne over a period of 2 and a half years. There are a few guest appearences by Richard Tandy, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Rosie Vela.

There were 2 CD-Singles released, but in most contries they were only released as radio promos. The first on was Alright with the b-sides Love Changes All and Do Ya from Flashback. The seond was Moment In Paradise with 3 live recordings as b-sides (Mr. Blue Sky, Alright and Livin' Thing).

Here comes the official running order of Zoom:

Together with release of Zoom the first 4 old E.L.O. albums hit the stores as 'Remastered' versions with bonus tracks. The albums were Eldorado, Discovery, Time and Secret Messages.

The most interesting bonus tracks are Endless Lies, Eldorado Instrumetal Medley, Little Town Flirt and some home demos. The rest of the old albums should follow in 2002.

Zoom DVD

As part of the promotion und als start-up for a USA Tour there were 3 live concerts recorded for television. The first was a gig at VH1-Storytellers in April 2001. The other 2 were recorded on May 23rd and 24th at the PBS in Burbank California.

Unfortunately the tour had to be cancelled, but the PBS shows have now been released as DVD.

Here comes the track listing from the DVD Zoom Tour live:

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