5. International Fanconvention of

Face The Music Germany

Frankfurt, September 28th 2002

'It's over' - our convention that is and it was lots of fun for everyone. For the organizers as well as for the 100 Participants. Rare audio- and video-material, our raffle, the 3 different quiz' and last but not least the dinner buffet made Frankfurt worth a trip. Here come a few pictures:

The FTM-Germany-Crew:

Marc Haines and Patrik Guttenbacher solving Audio-Quiz questions

Alexander von Petersdorff and (guest-organizer) Olaf Heeg posing Audio-Quiz questions

Peter Haupt (a short break from magazine layout)

The guests:

200 ears receiving

Further pictures (Photo page 2)

Even more pictures (photo page 3)

last modified: 09.11.2002