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Almost a year after the death of George Harrison his new album Brainwashed will b released on November, 19th 2002. The most interesting fact about this is, that the album was co-produced by Jeff Lynne.

Besides George and Jeff, George's son Dhani Harrison shared the producer's responsibilities for creating the sound of the album.

After it became clear, that George wouldn't be able to finish the album due to his severe illness, he left clear instructions for Jeff Lynne and his son Dhani, about how he wanted the album to sound.

Over a time period of 6 month Jeff and Dhani worke in Jeff's home studio on the completion of the albums. Also in the team - among others - Jim Keltner (known to us as the drummer of the Traveling Wilburys) and Marc Mann, who worked very closely with Jeff on E.L.O's Zoom album.

In a 7 minutes video clip on the homepage of Capitol Records Jeff and Dhani talk about the album.

In this video Jeff explains in a very personal way that he made the songs a little bit posher than George may have wanted them. If George would have been there, they surely would have agreed upon the directions to go, but without George to ask, Jeff and Dhani had to make a few decisions on thier own.

This is the tracklisting:

Stuck Inside a Cloud is the first song to be played on the radio. Run So Far was already released in a version by Eric Clapton on his Journeyman album. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a cover version, which George recorded for a TV-Show. This song has been around on bootleg CDs for a few years.

According to unnamed sources George had been working on as many as 25 songs before his death. This leaves us to hope that Brainwashed will not be the last thing we will hear from George Harrison.

On the following interet pages there are some pre-release sound clips:

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